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The biggest jump in prices for a new rental was seen in Wellington - up 7.5 percent in a year.

Rents increasing at twice the rate of inflation

The biggest jump in prices for a new rental was seen in Wellington.

The Cage

England's 'most-haunted house' up for sale

It used to be a prison for witches. Now it could be yours for just $500,000.

Watch: Desperate times, desperate tenants in Tauranga housing shortfall

Housing prices reach new heights in some regions

Surprisingly, Auckland prices have fallen.

Families are being affected by the high rent prices.

All-time high rental prices push families to breaking point

The median weekly rent price has ballooned to $500 dollars.

Nick Tuffley on The AM Show.

Aucklanders think their houses are going to drop in value

For the first time in a decade, expectations have turned negative.

The drop has been led by dairy and finishing farms.

New figures show drop in farm sales continues

Sales volumes for dairy and finishing farms are well down.

Auckland-based property manager Rachel Kann routinely asks for bank statements.

The things landlords can and can't ask you

Next time a property manager asks to see a bank statement, feel free to decline.

Watch: A backdown of epic proportions: How the capital gains tax died

CGT is dead. But there are other ways to thwart a raging property market

You'd have to be a cold, heartless bastard not to agree that gap needs closing.

Watch: The Reserve Bank announces the cut to the official cash rate.

Exactly how much you could save on your mortgage with the OCR cut

It could be thousands of dollars.

Watch: Half a century living in NZ's most famous castle

An actual castle is for sale in Wellington

It might be a fixer-upper, but it's got turrets.

Watch: Budgeting advisor Joseph Liava'a says it's not surprising the poor are spending most of their money on housing costs.

New tool lets you know just how rich or poor you really are

Find out if you've been keeping up with the Joneses.

The Devil's Stone Inn

England's 'most haunted' pub has gone on sale for a scary price

The pub comes with a reputation for ghosts and a secret tunnel.

Watch: Economist Cameron Bagrie speaks to The AM Show about the April figures.

House sales to foreign buyers dry up

Sales went down more than 80 percent in the March quarter compared to 2018.

Watch: New figures show the number of Auckland homes selling at a loss has doubled in just a year.

Auckland's fastest-growing suburb revealed

Prices were up 30 percent since the same time last year.

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New figures show another drop in farm sales

A lack of empathy from central government has been cited as one of the reasons for the decline.


Buyers' market emerging in Auckland

Home sellers in Auckland are asking for less, and there's a lot more to choose from.

Don Brash and Frances Sweetman on The AM Show.

Don Brash praises Phil Twyford's housing speech

"Phil Twyford actually understands this issue."

Their decision to withdraw $20k in cash from the bank nearly cost them dearly.

Couple nearly loses house deposit after pizza shop blunder

Their decision to withdraw $20k in cash from the bank nearly cost them dearly.

Watch: In February the Tax Working Group recommended a capital gains tax.

Scaremongering tenants into not voting Labour may breach human rights

Landlords are threatening tenants with rent rises and blaming Labour.

Andrew King on The AM Show talking about letting fees.

We'll back the CGT if it applies to family homes - property investors

"It would be fair - it would be across everybody."