Crown wraps up in Tully trial

  • 04/03/2016
Tully in court today (Waynne Williams)
Tully in court today (Waynne Williams)

The Crown has called its last witnesses in the case against Russell John Tully, the man accused of shooting dead two Work and Income staff.

The defence will not be calling any witnesses and summing up will begin on Monday. 

The 49-year-old was present at today's hearing in the Christchurch High Court, sitting at the back of the court in a chair.

It's the third time Tully has been present for the entire day of court proceedings, having only lasted minutes in previous appearances before being asked to leave for being disruptive.

The court heard this afternoon Tully had a handwritten note with information about Work and Income amongst his belongings.

Detective Robert Kennedy told the court police located a backpack on the 49-year-old when he was arrested on a farm east of Ashburton.

A subsequent search of the bag revealed the note folded into the pocket of a green polar fleece jacket.

The Crown alleges Tully entered the Ashburton Work and Income office in September 2014 and shot Peggy Noble and Leigh Cleveland.

Tully denies the charges against him, as well as two counts of attempted murder and setting a man-trap.


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