Hearing dogs transforms kids' lives

Hearing dogs transforms kids' lives

Imagine not being able to hear a knock at the door, the oven timer or the baby monitor.

For some of us they are beloved family pets, but for others dogs are much more than a man's best friend and can become their owner's ears.

We showed you how mobility dogs are helping people who can't walk, and this week Story has found another way they are changing lives.

Around 60 hearing dogs are helping adults out, but until now, this has not been extended to kids and thanks to a Jetstar grant and a pilot scheme, the trained dogs are coming to the rescue for more than half a million Kiwis who struggle to hear.

Story meets Tom who was born profoundly deaf, and Albert who is transforming his life. It not only gives Tom's parents peace of mind, but also a mate for life for Tom.

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