How well do you know your neighbours?

How well do you know your neighbours?

Just 4 percent of Kiwis feel close to their neighbours, and most of us want that to change.

Eighty-five percent of New Zealanders say they'd like to know their neighbours better.

However, one social media site is making very real connections in neighbourhoods across the country.

Entrepreneurs Casey Eden and Shane Bradley have launched Neighbourly -- a website forging neighbourhood connections and encouraging people to connect with those around them.

Mr Eden says just about anything goes, "from a lost pet to looking for a school uniform, trying to sell an old couch, looking for a recommendation for a tradesman".

For community fruit harvester Di Celliers, it's made it easier to reach out to her neighbours for help. She collects excess fruit and redistributes it to those in need.

Website users must sign up using their real name and contact details. You can only view posts from your own neighbourhood.

The creators hope the website will help build better, safer communities.

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