The book club for the homeless

The book club for the homeless

A good book can shut the real world out and transport the reader to another world -- and if you're homeless that escape is priceless.

Auckland's population of rough sleeps is on the rise and it is a cold, lonely and tough existence.

But there is one place where the homeless feel a bit more welcome.

For Ray Constable, the streets have been his home for 16 years but every Wednesday he goes to the Auckland library -- which he calls his living room – to meet his fellow book club members.

But this book club has a twist -- it is for the homeless or once homeless.

"You get a bit isolated and a bit lonely. It's just broadening the horizons and expanding the view and trying to become a bit more like a normal person," says Mr Constable.

Up to 15 people show up each week and share what they have been reading.

You quickly learn not to judge a book by its cover at this book club. They traverse politics, black Oscar winners, compulsory Te Reo -- and actually like Paul Henry.

Story went along to the club in the corner of the city, where members are not judged.

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