Police expect to nick knickers nicker

Keep an eye out for your knickers (Getty)
Keep an eye out for your knickers (Getty)

Generally when you put your washing out on the line to dry you come back to expect them dry.

For some Tauranga residents they may have come back to find no washing at all.

For a split second you might think the kids have voluntarily done their chores and brought in the washing to be folded.

Turns out you're probably wrong about that too, and the kids still haven't done the dishes either.

Bay of Plenty Police have the answer: someone has been stealing underwear from clothes lines around Tauranga.

Numerous reports suggest a man described as Maori or Polynesian around 20-years-old has been seen lurking around backyards in the Brookfield area.

Police were called to a property on Sunday responding to an incident where the man was seen at an address in Solomon St.

It's not clear what he intends to do with the undies, but the knickers nicker can be assured police are after him.

Police are appealing to the public to report any sightings of males fitting the above description (not the underwear), acting suspiciously in the area to contact them.