Bill English gets some professional pizza help from Nadia Lim

A week after his pineapple and spaghetti pizza divided the nation and the world, Prime Minister Bill English has had a cooking lesson with one of the country's celebrity chefs.

He's now followed up his now infamous post, by putting up a cheesy photo of himself and celebrity chef Nadia Lim posing with a more gourmet-looking slice.

"Squeezed in a quick cooking lesson with Nadia Lim," he wrote on Facebook.

"She also takes a much better selfie than me," the selfie novice added.

The pizza looks like it has cheese, basil, bacon and capsicum.

Mr English split opinion with his home-cooked creation for family dinner last Monday where he smothered his pizza bases with canned spaghetti and tinned pineapple.

"Like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza!" he wrote on Facebook.

And boy, Mr English was not ready for how mad people got.

His concoction made international headlines, even being skewered by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

He later explained his pizza-making theory.

"You get those proper pizzas, they're not always satisfying because they don't always have enough stuff on them," he told MoreFM on Thursday.

His children were to thank or blame for the post, "goading" the Prime Minister to show more of his personal and family life.

"I know, like everyone else, they are absolutely fascinated by public policy, but sometimes they like it spiced up a bit, y'know?"

It's also led to some gentle ribbing from his subordinates, including Hutt Valley list MP Christ Bishop who posted a photo of a minuature version of Mr English's creation at a Wellington supermarket "aka the Bill English".

His predecessor John Key has also offered Mr English a cooking lesson.

"I make a pretty mean Thai beef salad," he posted to Facebook.

The "pizza" also brought about some sweet revenge from the Italy's Ambassador to New Zealand who saw the creation as an affront to his country's national icon.

Fabrizio Marcelli posted a series of photos to Twitter of a pavlova with cream and salami on it.

He told Newshub it was a "prank" because Mr English's post had "caused so much reaction".

"I hope they don't recall me back to Italy," he joked.