'I've had enough': Dairy owners march against influx of violence

After a wave of robberies and attacks, Auckland dairy owners have had enough and have taken to the streets calling for harsher penalties.

Dozens of dairy and liquor store owners marched in Manukau on Sunday afternoon to share their plight.

Tara Singh-Bains told Newshub he recently sold his liquor stores and moved to Raglan due to all the violence.

In one week, his stores were broken into seven times and he was robbed eight times.

He's calling for more police on the road to help protect him and other owners, and for tougher laws to be brought in.

"I've had enough. I want my children to be safe," Mr Singh-Bains said.

In 2014, west Auckland dairy owner Arun Kumar was stabbed to death while working - something march organiser Sunny Kaushal fears could happen again.

"Many of the shopkeepers here say they work incredibly long hours - 14-hour days, six days a week. And they say they're constantly in fear of when the next attack may happen," he said.

"We need to send a message to the Government saying that this is not on. This crime needs to stop. The law and order situation is out of control."

Earlier this month, the Government announced where it would be putting 880 new frontline officers across the country, over the next four years.

Auckland City and Waitemata are set to get 145 of those.