Max Key messes with Australian media


DJ Max Key has potentially landed himself on the blocked list of an Australian media organisation's social media page.

He messaged them promising a "tip-off" for 7 News on Tuesday, reporting "fire" coming from Auckland.

He uploaded a screenshot to Facebook that showed a conversation between him and 7 News in Australia.

"Hi there! I'd like to report some serious fire coming out of Auckland, New Zealand," his message said.

7 News replied: "Thanks Max. Do you have any images?"


It seems those behind the 7 News Facebook page failed to recognise they were talking to the son of former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, now an aspiring vlogger and DJ.

Key was quick to reply with a screenshot of his YouTube profile followed up with: "Make sure you Like & Subscribe #SHAMELESSPROMO."

In true Max Key humour, it was just a cheeky promotion for his YouTube vlogging channel.

Max Key Vlogs featured some popular names like Johnny Danger and Charlotte Crosby from the TV show Geordie Shore, which has been a hit with many, the channel reaching more than 60,000 in a little over a month.

7 News Australia have yet to respond to Key's tip-off.