Intense south Auckland pursuit, arrest caught on camera

Dramatic footage has emerged of police chasing a wanted man down a south Auckland driveway and carrying out his arrest following an armed brawl.

The footage, taken last Tuesday outside a shopping plaza in Manurewa, shows the man coming out of hiding by a house, before trying to escape the driveway with police in tow.

The offender was eventually brought to the ground and arrested. The footage shows him being escorted into the back of a police car by two officers.

Tahmala Boston, who filmed the video, said she was at the gym when she noticed a group of people outside.

"I went out and saw a shirtless guy who was trying to fight what looked like an older guy in a high-vis vest, but a few others got involved and the shirtless guy ran off," she explained.

A police spokesperson confirmed they were called to an incident on Browns Rd after reports of a large group of males fighting with weapons.

While the fight had dispersed before police arrived at the scene, officers noticed a man who had active warrants for his arrest, the spokesperson said.

He attempted to flee from police, running down a driveway to evade pursuing officers.

Ms Boston said by this point she had gone back to her workout - but noticed something was still going on, and went outside to see police officers looking for the fugitive.

She said policemen were searching all the driveways on Browns Rd, adjacent to the plaza where the fight had broken out.

"As the cop ran down one driveway, the guy appears and just so happens to run down the same driveway as the cop to hide," Ms Boston recounted.

"They run across the road and the guy ducks and dives, then gets [taken] to the ground."

Police say the man was arrested and charged in relation to his active warrant.

The incident occurred on Browns Rd, the same road in which a bus driver was stabbed in the neck and stomach on Wednesday.