Officer caught on camera using phone while driving - but it's okay

Officer caught on camera using phone while driving - but it's okay
Photo credit: The Bro Hub / Facebook

A police officer has been criticised online after being seen using a phone while driving, but all is not as it appears.

Video of the incident was posted on The Bro Hub Facebook page, with the caption: "Don't you ever pull me over for being on a phone again. Bloody hua haha."

The video, which was filmed from the backseat of a car, shows a uniformed officer using what appears to be an iPhone while driving, frequently looking down at the screen.

At one point the officer has both hands off the wheel as he appears to move the phone back into his pocket.

It drew ire from others on Facebook, including one who commented: "What is this shit? Can we smoke weed now?"

However, a police spokesperson told Newshub the officer may not have been breaking the law.

"Section 7.3A of the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004, provides for enforcement officers to use mobile phones while driving, if the use of the phone is in the execution of the officer's duty," she said.

"Police employees who breach land transport legislation are treated no differently to members of the public, and depending on the circumstances may be subject to further disciplinary action."

The spokesperson said the officer was using a police cellphone in the video, and they're making further enquiries in the matter.

"Police take road safety seriously and are dedicated to reducing trauma on New Zealand."


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