School reportedly told bullied boy to hide in library

  • 27/10/2017
Tauranga Boys' College.
Tauranga Boys' College. Photo credit: Google Maps

Bullies who shot a fellow student with a BB gun have been allowed to return to school.

And according to the victim's grandparents, Tauranga Boys' College told their son to hide in the library at lunchtime to avoid them.

The bullies shot the mildly autistic year 9 boy in the leg in June, reports NZME, but his family didn't find out until the following month, when his cousin, who also attends the school, found a photo of the incident posted on Facebook.

"He dont like me he f**kin hates me just bc i held him down while he got shot by a bb gun," the post read. A comment on it said: "Hahaha he started crying."

In another incident, the victim was roughed up in the toilets, grandparents John and Gloria told NZME, and he's also received death threats via email and been bullied on the way home.

The college suspended two boys, who've since apologised in writing and returned to school on "strict behaviour contracts".

Tauranga Boys' College says it didn't tell him to "hide" during lunch breaks, but did suggest "alternative options, such as the library or the music room, to spend their break in should they choose", NZME reports.

Police have referred the matter to its youth aid division.