Widow of Auckland taxi driver killed in hit-and-run speaks out

The widow of an Auckland taxi driver is speaking out about the fatal crash that took her husband on Saturday morning. 

Abdul Raheem Fahad Syed, 29, was driving along Symonds St when his car was ploughed into by a Mercedes. 

Now his wife, Nishat Abedi, is left to care for their young son on her own. 

In an emotional interview, Ms Abedi told Newshub the entire thing still feels like a dream. 

"When I realise he's not around me, I feel like, no, I've lost everything, nothing is left for me now, because he was such a supportive husband for me."

The young widow has branded the alleged drunk driver's actions "careless" and "cowardly" after they fled the scene, and hopes the offender wakes up to the pain they've caused. 

"I wish they realise some day that they have completely destroyed somebody's life - somebody's father, somebody's husband, somebody's son," she says.

Ms Abedi says it breaks her heart that she didn't get to say a proper goodbye.

Now she fears she won't be able to honour his last wish.

"My husband's only wish was for me to settle down here because he wanted the best future for my baby, and the best education as well."

Ms Abedi only prays that people think before they drive.