International Day Without Togs: Where to go (or avoid) on Saturday

It's International Day Without Togs on Saturday, and the country's nudist groups are promising New Zealand won't miss out.

Official events have been organised in Northland, Auckland, Hawke's Bay, Christchurch and on the Kapiti Coast.

Free Beaches president Wendy Lowe hopes International Day Without Togs increases acceptance of nudity in public places because nudity is incredibly freeing.

"It is great for your mental wellbeing - just that whole freedom and getting closer to nature when you haven't got any clothes on. You also learn tolerance and respect for other people, as well as gaining much better self-esteem."

And if you're not near a beach, don't worry. Ms Lowe says wherever you are, take it all off.

"It is not illegal to be naked in public. It's a very healthy thing to do."

The official events kick off at 10am. Not all the beaches listed on the group's website are designated nude beaches.

"We're hoping that lots of people will turn up and join us just to get a taste of what it's like to be naked at the beach," says Ms Lowe.

Police said they will respond to calls about alleged offensive behaviour on a case-by-case basis.

"The fact somebody else is offended doesn't make an action offensive," Ms Lowe says. "A person cannot be offensive. What you do can be offensive."

"It is not the lack of clothes that is the issue but any bad or deliberately offensive behaviour that goes with it," the New Zealand Naturist Federation told Kapiti news site KC News.