Avocado prices smash all time high

  • 13/06/2018
Avocado prices smash all time high
Photo credit: RTRS

Avocado prices have hit an all-time high, with the average price of a 200g avocado rising to $5.06, a 37 percent increase from $3.69 in April.

The average price of an avocado in May last year was $3.38.

Statistics New Zealand price manager Matthew Haigh says, "Seasonality impacts avocado prices."

"Typically, avocado prices peak in July and August, as the main harvest season is from August to March."

According to the New Zealand Avocado Growers Association, this year's harvest to June 2018 was down about half of last season, and the decrease has caused avocado prices to rise.

Results from Statistics New Zealand show although avocado prices have risen, other fresh produce such as broccoli and mandarin prices have fallen.

Fruit and vegetable prices fell 2 percent in the month of May, influenced by lower prices for mandarins, down 35 percent, kiwifruit down 39 percent and tomatoes down 6.5 percent.

Meat, poultry, and fish prices rose by 0.8 percent.