Auckland cop in near-miss with traffic after running red light

Nail-biting footage of the moment a police officer drove through a set of red lights and nearly caused an accident has emerged on social media.

An Auckland motorist narrowly avoided smashing into the side of the patrol car after the officer failed to stop at the corner of Kerrs Road and Dalgety Drive in Wiri about 2:20pm on August 8.

In the video, a car is seen approaching the traffic lights which turn from red to green. 

The vehicle continues to accelerate once the signal changes when a police officer turns directly in front of the oncoming traffic, almost causing a collision.

Vision of the near-miss was posted to the Shocking Auckland Drivers Facebook page on Sunday night with the caption: "Above the law?"

A number of road users took aim at the police officer behind the wheel, slamming his timing and failure to stop.

One man joked that law enforcement had a separate set of rules, writing: "Do as I say, not as I do."

A woman suggested the officer needs to be reported.

At the time of publication, the video was viewed more than 3,200 times.