CCTV captures horror moment New Plymouth tornado hit

Terrifying new footage has emerged of the powerful tornado tearing up New Plymouth on Monday night.

A resident's CCTV footage shows the wind roaring through the streets, driving a wall of rain and debris before it.

One of the clips captured the wind howling like a demon vacuum cleaner as it ate up fences, smashed windows and ripped into houses.

A neighbour can be seen coming outside to gaze at the carnage, before retreating inside to safety.

Police said while a number of properties had reported damaged, it was too early to confirm exactly how many and there had been no reported injuries.

New Plymouth resident John Demchy says he stood at his door in terror as one of the tornadoes powered through the area.

"Out of the corner of my eye I caught all that iron coming off the roof up there and it came down, touched the house and then the wind picked it up again and [it] finished off in the driveway," he said.



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