Second Dunedin flat claims bongs taken by Otago University proctor Dave Scott

  • 24/09/2018

Students from a second Dunedin flat have allegedly had their bong confiscated flat by University of Otago proctor Dave Scott. 

University of Otago student magazine Critic reports proctor Dave Scott entered a flat about three weeks ago when he saw the bongs, worth $400 according to the tenants, sitting on a table.

Now one flatmate of a second flat on Castle St says the proctor visited the flat in June, while no one was home, picking up rubbish in the area. While at the flat, he took two bongs from the lounge.

The flatmates told Critic the bongs were "valued at over $300 combined".

One flatmate was called to Mr Scott's office for a meeting to find out why the bongs where there and what their use was. The flatmate was let off with a warning.

Mr Scott previously held post as Dunedin Police's area response manager.

"As an ex-cop we feel he should be more educated around the law of breaking and entering, especially taking items out of the flat with no permission," one flatmate told Critic.

"If we walked into his house or even his office and took something, which we feel is illegal, then it would be a different outcome."

Otago University Student Association recreation officer Josh Smythe wrote a Facebook post saying he was aware of at least four more unconfirmed reports of similar instances at Dunedin flats.

Mr Smythe and Mr Scott are expected to discuss the issue on Tuesday. Mr Smythe would like the proctor to sign a "Dunedin Students Code of Proctor Conduct" that will state he will not illegally enter student flats or take their property.

"It is unacceptable that the proctor feels he has authority over and above the law. His role should be about building bridges and cooperation, not domination and control," Mr Smythe says.

It's not illegal to own a waterpipe, also known as a bong, but it remains illegal to smoke marijuana. 

In response to the Leith St North flat's allegation, a university spokeswoman told Critic Mr Scott was "comfortable with the action taken" as the pipes had been used to smoke cannabis and were left in clear sight. Those bongs have been destroyed.

"The proctor spoke to the male occupants in the flat and made them aware of the action that was taken, with the flat occupants acknowledging the equipment had been used to smoke cannabis. The bongs all contained cannabis residue and have been disposed of," the spokeswoman says.

The University of Otago has been contacted for comment by Newshub.