Otago University students march in protest against bong-taking proctor

Hundreds of students have marched across Otago University grounds in protest against a proctor who took bongs from an off-campus student flat. 

The students claim it is an unfair intrusion into their private lives.

A life-size, home-made bong and a sign saying "Hey Proctor, leave my bong alone" and "get out of our flats" put the message across. 

It comes after proctor Dave Scott entered student flats without permission and confiscated bongs. 

In a press conference on Tuesday, Mr Scott outright apologised for his actions of entering one flat and removing the tenants bongs. 

On Friday, Mr Scott came out of his office to acknowledge the protest and apologise again. 

"I hear you and I see you I gave an apology on Tuesday and I'm happy to repeat that," he said.

"I've learnt from this error and I give an assurance it won't be repeated.  I thank you for raising this with me and I acknowledge your right to protest."

Students booed him during his speech saying what he did is "not good enough".

They originally were calling for Mr Scott's resignation but now have called for a policy change to stop the university disciplining students off campus. 

The protest was led by Otago University Students Association (OUSA) recreation officer Josh Smythe who told the crowds of the requests they wanted. 

"We're going to ask that he doesn't come into student flats without asking, or unless it's an emergency, because that's an important part of his role as pastoral care.

"We are going to ask that he doesn't take property from student flats, and we're going to ask that he, as he just acknowledged, will treat us as equals within this community."

OUSA president Caitlin Barlow-Groome says she was pleased with the student turnout.

"It's amazing, it's great to see students so passionate about wanting change."

The University has stood by Mr Scott despite them saying he had no power to enter private premises. 

"The University is clear that Mr Scott had the pastoral interest of the flatmates in mind in taking the actions that he did, but that he would not follow a similar course again. It continues to have full confidence in Mr Scott," Vice Chancellor Harlene Hayne says.

Mr Scott previously hit media headlines when it was revealed he had ordered campus workers to remove hundreds of copies of a student magazine that depicted a woman menstruating on the cover.