Auckland bus driver caught going wrong way down busy road

The bus going the wrong way.
Photo credit: Katie Hutching / Supplied

A bus driver has been caught going the wrong way down a busy road in Auckland's Mt Albert.

Facebook users posted photos of the bus on the wrong side of New North Rd as it manoeuvered around a pedestrian island.

The bus driver was likely trying to avoid heavy traffic at the intersection of New North Rd, Mt Albert Rd and Carrington Rd, which has been plagued with traffic jams since a $6.5 million upgrade to the Mt Albert town centre.

Auckland Transport spokesperson James Ireland told Newshub NZ Bus, the owners of the bus, would be investigating the incident.

Mr Ireland said it was the first time such an incident had been reported to Auckland Transport. He admitted some community members in Mt Albert had complained about traffic but it was being worked on.

"There have been some frustrations and we are working on the [traffic light] phasing of that intersection at the moment to see if we can speed things up a bit," he said.

Newshub has contacted NZ Bus for comment.