Teen who abused cyclist from truck apologises

The teenager behind a video telling a truck driver to run over a cyclist in Dunedin has apologised for his actions. 

The clip was posted on social media, showing the truck unable to pass a high-vis wearing cyclist on Portobello Road.

The employee in the passenger seat of the truck can be heard yelling at the driver, urging them to hit the cyclist, hurling abuse and swearing.

"Run him over, Greg mate - do it... Out of the way you cabbage!" the employee says.

The abusers was a 16-year-old male, employed by Clearwater Civil Ltd who Newshub has chosen not to name.

His mother sent a letter sent to Newshub, saying her son is truly remorseful for his actions.

She said he wants to make it clear the attitudes expressed in the video don't reflect his own opinions or those of Clearwater Civil Ltd.

"He now realises that he foolishly underestimated how seriously his comments would be taken and deeply regrets both the offence that they caused and the harm that they have created."

The boy said he never intended to cause any harm to the cyclist or ruin his employers reputation.

"It was a dumb decision to post the video to social media and I am very sorry for any offence I've caused to the public and the affect my actions have had on my employer, my colleagues and the rest of the trucking community", he wrote.

A spokesperson from Clearwater Civil told Newshub the company was satisfied the teenager regretted his actions.

"We are satisfied that the young man involved is very regretful of his actions. We will work closely to support him and his family to ensure a positive outcome," the spokesperson said.