Mi Store opens in Sylvia Park

Crowds snaked around Auckland's Sylvia Park Shopping Centre on November 10 with fans eager to get their hands on Chinese-up-and-comer Xiaomi's smart technology.

The buzz around Xiaomi "Mi" products is thanks to the extensive range of tech products - from smartphones to robot vacuum cleaners and electric scooters at reasonable prices.

At a demonstration to a few invitees before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, New Zealand spokesman for Mi, Eric Chang, talked about the popularity of the Mi Electric Scooter. 

"Safety is a key consideration in the design and operation of the scooters. This model has a dual-brake system, front E-ABS, regenerative anti-lock braking system and rear mechanical disc brake system.

"The front anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking even under hard braking or on surfaces with low friction like wet roads.

"The scooters are also equipped with a low power mode which restricts the maximum speed, ultra bright headlights, a warning tail light that flashes during braking, skid-resistant inflatable tyres , and a handlebar bell."

Mi is also the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer, and one of the fastest-growing mobile phone brands.

The phones have impressive designs, cool features and an attractive price point. Mr Chang says the company's rule is put less than five percent profit on any hardware.

Chris Sands, 35, arrived at Sylvia Park an hour ahead of the official opening, to get in line for a new phone.

"I checked them [Mi] out online and saw all the feedback saying 'great products, great price' so here I am," Mr Sands told Newshub.

Mi sold 430 scooters yesterday, including 200 online in 30 minutes.

The Mi store is open seven days, with late nights on Thursday and Friday.