Watch: New Zealand hero King Homeboy donates The AM Show's 9 in 10 prize to Kidscan

Heroes come in all forms, and on Friday he came in the form of a beatboxer who won The AM Show's 9 in 10.

Playing for the chance to spend $10,000 at, beatboxing champion Te Ariki Toki - also known as King Homeboy - was asked to name towns or cities around New Zealand.

With the time running out, Mr Toki searched his memory and rattled off as many he could think off. His final score was 11 in 10.

But rather than use the prize for himself, he humbly asked if he could give it away to help underprivileged kids.

"I actually want to give this prize away to Kidscan," he told host Duncan Garner.

"It's Christmas, it's the season of giving."

Mr Toki said he knew what it was like to grow up poor and bullied as he "came from a really rough background".

It drew an emotional response from The AM Show host Duncan Garner, who called him a "great man".

"What a kind, kind man you are. The King. I really appreciate that," Garner said, visibly moved by Mr Toki's generosity.

"Your generosity as well at Christmas time, when $10,000 bucks means a lot to everybody, but giving that away says everything to me about you as a New Zealander."