Kiwi hero King Homeboy holds back tears after giving away The AM Show prize

Kiwi hero King Homeboy - real name Te Ariki Toki - struggled to hold back tears on Friday morning in one of the most emotional moments of the year.

Not only did he win The AM Show's 9 in 10, he decided to donate his $10,000 prize to Kiwi charity Kidscan.

He told The AM Show it's long been his dream to help Kidscan - and shared his heartbreaking story about growing up poor and bullied.

"It will kick in later on, but at the moment sort of holding back the tears back a bit, not just for myself but being able to do this for underprivileged kids," he says.

"I know how that feels because I was once like that as well.  I came from a really rough background."

Mr Toki says he was deaf until he was seven and has suffered bullying and abuse for much of his life.

"Being bullied all the way from little. Even now, getting judged from people who don't know me," he says.

"They think put me in a box and I've always been trying to smash out of it."

The beatboxing champion's generosity drew an emotional response from The AM Show host Duncan Garner, who called him a "great man".

"What a kind, kind man you are. The King. I really appreciate that," Garner said, visibly moved.

"Your generosity as well at Christmas time, when $10,000 bucks means a lot to everybody, but giving that away says everything to me about you as a New Zealander."