Watch: Whangarei man's terrifying close call with car on wrong side of the road

A Whangarei man has been left shaken after a terrifying near-miss with a distracted driver.

On Friday at about 10am, Mike Chubb was travelling south from Paihia. Part of the journey is a hilly highway in Opua - a fairly narrow two-lane stretch of road with its fair share of twists and turns.

Suddenly, he noticed a car going in the opposite direction had crossed the double yellow lines and strayed into his lane.

"I thought he was stopping so I moved to the right to avoid him," Mr Chubb told Newshub.

But the unpredictable driver had other plans, as the heartstopping footage shows them suddenly veering towards Mr Chubb's vehicle. The two cars almost collide, but at the last second the driver narrowly avoids him and rejoins the correct lane.

"I wasn't sure what he was doing," a confused Mr Chubb explains. "I don't know if he fell asleep or if he was texting."

Shaken, he kept his eyes on the road and continued his journey, glad to be moving away from the scene of his very close call.

"It all happened so quickly, it was a matter of two seconds."

Once he arrived home he looked over his dashcam footage but couldn't make out the car's license plate. With no number, he decided against reporting the incident - but hopes his video will remind other Kiwis to keep their wits about them on the roads this summer.


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