Australia's heatwave to bake New Zealand on Saturday

  • 19/01/2019

Australia's heatwave is drifting across the ditch this weekend.

The extreme heat has been blasting our neighbours for most of the week, with temperatures soaring above 45degC.

NIWA forecaster Ben Noll says it will impact us on Saturday.

"Surely it's not going to be that hot in New Zealand, but it's going to be warmer than average - into the low 30s - across a good chunk of the country on Saturday afternoon."

Mr Noll says north Canterbury will be the hotspot, but the other side of the South Island will be wet and windy.

"The west of the South Island could get some very heavy rain. So while the forecast is favourable, it's going to be windy and wet for parts of the South Island."

Temperatures in Australia reached 40degC at midnight in some places. Meteorologist Jane Bolding said it hasn't been this hot for 80 years.

"The last we can see of comparable intensity for the temperature and the length of how hot it is, is back in 1939."

Twenty-seven heat records were set on Thursday across Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

New Zealand's share of it will be over by the end of Saturday, however.

"It will be still on the warmer side on Sunday, just not as hot as we are on Saturday. Thinking more like 20s."

Forecasters have warned Australia could be in for an even hotter wave next week.