Dash cam users hope to cull New Zealand's dangerous driving

Dash camera users hope uploading videos of dangerous driving to Facebook will help deter drivers from making bad decisions. 

In 2018, 380 people were killed on our roads, the highest number of road deaths since 2009.  

As you can see in the above video one driver who drove through a turning lane, ignored the marked arrows and carried on the wrong way down the road was lucky not to cause an accident.  

And another driver attempting to overtake a truck beyond the passing lane, only narrowly avoided the truck coming towards it. 

Both instances were captured by dash cameras. 

Matt Lees started Facebook group Dash Cam Owners NZ, to heighten awareness of some of the shocking driving on our roads. 

He says "It's generally just what they've come across and what they've seen on the road which is always a bit of crazy stuff, normally overtaking, overtaking on the open road seems to be a big one. 

Unfortunately there are plenty of them. The video shows another near miss captured on Mike Chubb's dash cam as he was travelling just south of Opua last week. 

Mr Lees hopes social media can help discourage dangerous driving. 

"It's definitely a deterrent, I think if you know or there's the possibility that someone behind you has a camera and can take it to police or shame you on social media then sure it probably makes people think twice. "

Police say drivers should prioritise safety when using recording devices around the roads, and make sure they aren't distracted by what is being recorded on their camera. 

Police can investigate offences captured on video. However, they say people should be cautious when posting or appealing for information on social media. 

With dash cameras being used as extra road policing tool, users hope they will see less of this happening on our roads.  



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