New Zealand heatwave: Warnings about 'summer ice' as relief arrives

There's a warning about slippery roads, as the heat wave rolls out.

Rain is forecast for parts of the country today, after days of sweltering heat. The South Island is finally in line for some relief, but heat remains in the North Island.

New Zealand Transport Agency spokesperson Lee Wright told Newshub the weather change down south triggers conditions known as "summer ice".

"Lots of dust and dirt and oil and other materials build up on our road surface, so when it rains the road surface becomes really greasy," she said.

Ms Wright said the conditions would be comparable to black ice and drivers need to be careful on the roads.

"Increase your following distances, reduce your speed and take extra care, same as winter.

"We're urging drivers to also check their tire tread."

Summer ice is hard to spot, similar to black ice and appears after several days of dry weather.

Rain may be causing trouble on the roads in the south, but the North Island will still be facing blistering heat.

Napier is forecast to hit 30degC again and there's no rain in store for the top of the country.

Expected highs for Friday:


Whangarei: 26degC

Auckland: 26degC

Tauranga: 25degC

Napier: 30degC

Wellington: 22degC

Blenheim: 30degC

Nelson: 26degC

Christchurch: 29degC

Greymouth: 20degC

Dunedin: 25degC

Invercargill: 23degC