Not kitten around: Wellington cat caught stealing neighbour's newspaper

A Wellington woman has finally found out how the local paper keeps mysteriously arriving at her door step.

Jade Jefferies' 10-year-old tabby Max is the likely culprit of multiple burglaries around the neighbourhood after he was caught 'red pawed', hopping over the fence with a copy of Hutt News in his mouth.

Ms Jefferies told Newshub she knew one of her cats was behind the papers showing up on her doorstep, but was lucky to catch Max in the act.

"My son goes 'mum quick come look' and I'm like 'what, what' and I go to the window and he's coming from the next door neighbours and he's got the newspaper in his mouth."

Max appears to have an appetite for news and a good deal though - so far he's only taken newspapers and a bit of junk mail.

Max, a large tabby cat, on top of a bed surrounded by blankets.
Photo credit: Supplied/ Jade Jefferies

Ms Jefferies is not sure if he's been pulling the papers out of letter boxes or finding them on the ground, but he's got plenty of time to do it as he spends a lot of time outside after having a rough start in life.

"We got him from a pet shop that closed down, but the kittens were found in a boot so when we got him he was pretty much wild," Ms Jefferies said.

"I spent a good two weeks in my bedroom sitting with him, trying to get him used to people and stuff 'cause he was pretty much feral."

Ms Jefferies posted the video of Max with his latest bounty to Facebook on Tuesday and it quickly made the rounds on social media.

Max stealing the newspaper.
Max stealing the newspaper. Photo credit: Supplied/ Jade Jefferies

A post on the group Your Cats Of Auckland with pictures of the theft, as well as a screencap of an unidentified Facebook user complaining about their missing paper has received nearly 200 likes.

"Cat needs to keep up with current affairs," one person commented.

"Kitty obviously trying to cover up a story," another said.