Pranksters horse around at Blenheim harness racing event with sexual stunt

  • 21/01/2019
Trackside or backside?
Trackside or backside? Photo credit: Sky Sports

Two pranksters have been caught on live TV horsing around in the background of a harness racing event in Blenheim.

The X-rated prank took place on the roof of a house next to Waterlea Racecourse on Sunday, and was witnessed by Sky Sports viewers across the country.

The pair posed as still as statues, mid-coitus, as the horses raced past.

"A good day out at the races," former Trackside presenter Cassie Fahey wrote on Twitter. "Kiwis just celebrate a Sunday sesh a wee bit differently, I suppose."

On web forum Reddit, users weren't quite sure what they were looking at.

"Is that man having sex with a large Tegel Chicken?" asked one person.

"Is he f**king a human????" asked another.

The pranksters in action.
The pranksters in action. Photo credit: Sky Sports

One of the pranksters - both men - told NZME they weren't nude, and were actually wearing "skin-coloured shorts".

While he didn't want to be named, it might be only a matter of time before someone reveals the pair's identities. One of them has done something similar before - appearing in the background of a race in 2018 dressed in women's underwear.