Gisborne residents asked to keep the taps off a bit longer

It's D-Day for Gisborne residents to conserve as much water as they can.

Restrictions are still in place, despite the city's main water supply being repaired.

The council says more than 1 million litres is being used every hour, and it could take days to refill the reservoirs.

"The supply is keeping up with demand, but at this rate it will take longer than expected to replenish the reservoirs," said Jade Lister-Baty, Gisborne District Council spokeswoman.

"If there were an event such as a major fire, an unexpected pipe break or earthquake then we won't have enough water."

A leak on Thursday forced the council to enforce a total outdoor ban. The council says the outdoor usage ban could be lifted by Monday, if water can be conserved on Sunday.

The council wants usage to drop by 20 percent to 800,000 litres an hour.


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