Hastings Council blasted after report labels dead bodies 'oversized'

Hastings Council blasted after report labels dead bodies 'oversized'
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Kaiora Tipene, from TV show The Casketeers, has spoken out on Twitter about the importance of respectful language when talking about the deceased.

It comes after the Hastings District Council commissioned a report about the cost of cremating the bodies of larger people, referred to in the report as "oversize".

Journalist Emma Espiner tweeted on Tuesday night that she felt uncomfortable with the term "oversized".

"Like people should still feel ashamed for their size even after they die is making me nauseous."

Ms Tipene, the director of Tipene Funeral Homes, has since chimed in to offer her perspective on what is appropriate terminology in the profession.

She said she is aware of how important terminology can be to reassure grieving loved ones.

"I personally don't like using the word 'oversize', maybe 'upgrade' or 'upsize'," she explained.

"Whilst to some of us terms aren't a great deal, [they are] when caring for loved ones."

The Hastings District Council report found that the time it takes to cremate a person over 150kg, including the casket weight, could be up to five-and-a-half hours - double the time of a "standard' cremation.

The report called for additional cost for "oversize" cremations, saying the standard rate of $600 in the region was not enough to cover other maintenance.

Ms Tipene said "oversize" isn't the only example of when a simple change in language can provide a lot more comfort to grieving family and friends.

"Place instead of put. We will 'place' mum on the dressing bed - never the word 'put'. Such words are only simple, but important."


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