Listen: Sean Plunket rips apart stunned Auckland Peace Action activist over Jordan Peterson opposition

An activist has received a savaging from Magic Talk's Sean Plunket as he tried to explain the release of a statement on Monday condemning the views of controversial Canadian professor Jordan Peterson.

On Wednesday, Iris Krzyzosiak, a representative of Auckland Peace Action, appeared on Plunket's afternoon show to discuss why the group released a statement criticising what they claimed were "sexist, queerphobic, [and] racist" views from Prof Peterson.

In the statement, Ms Krzyzosiak said Prof Peterson is well-known for his "objectionable opinions" which she believes contrast with New Zealand's values of "gender equality, egalitarianism and social inclusivity" and threatens "everything of value in our society".

Many of Prof Peterson's claims have courted controversy; such as that white privilege is a "Marxist lie" and that women wear makeup in the workplace to be sexually provocative.

But Plunket said Prof Peterson was a reasonable man, whose book, Twelve Rules for Life, taught young people to take responsibility for their lives.

"[He is an] unassuming professor of psychology that calls out silly political correctness and 'wokeness' in a very, very rational, reasoned and intellectual way," said Plunket.

The radio host also said accusations from Auckland Peace Action that the Canadian professor was homophobic, racist and a xenophobe weren't true and asked Ms Krzyzosiak how recommending that young people clean their room, as Prof Peterson does in his book, was threatening.

"If you take a look at some of what is actually said in the book and many of the media comments he has made elsewhere, it seems quite clear he has some seriously problematic views," Ms Krzyzosiak told Plunket.

"Jordan Peterson has a large platform, there are many people paying attention to him, and if you are making statements in such a situation it is vitally important that the statements you make cannot be misread."

Ms Krzyzosiak said Prof Peterson's comments were potentially dangerous in a society where homosexuals are still attacked and there is a high rate of domestic violence.

But after Plunket quizzed the activist on when Prof Peterson has ever advocated for people to be beaten, Ms Krzyzosiak admitted: "I don't believe he has".

On several occasions Ms Krzyzosiak didn't answer Plunket's questions, and once murmured "oh dear lord" as he tried to respond.

"I am dealing on a fairly regular [basis] with the effects Jordan Peterson's talks are having on his fan base. We are getting repeated, consistent harassment from rabid Jordan Peterson fans," said the activist.

But the only example she could list was an email from a "white nationalist" she later admitted had nothing to do with Prof Peterson. Yet she was adamant that a sub-set of Prof Peterson's fans did send threatening messages.

Plunket asked if it could be that "it is the subset of his fans that represent the threat to everything of value in our society, not Jordan Peterson," to which Ms Krzyzosiak said the radio host was likely right.

Listen to the full interview above.