Six60 fan who urinated on a bus faces $200 fine

A woman caught urinating on an Auckland bus on Saturday faces a fine of up to $200.

The woman, believed to have been drunk, was caught short on the way to Western Springs on Saturday night to see Kiwi pop band Six60.

In a "disgusting" video shared on Facebook by Alcar Meano, she decides to squat in the doorway and do her business in the full view of other passengers, while displaying her behind to pedestrians outside the bus.

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Afterwards, she stands in the pool of urine and attempts to pull her pants up, exposing herself to the audible consternation of onlookers and her friends.

"I had to!" she exclaimed. "Sorry everyone."

Auckland Transport condemned the woman's behaviour as "not acceptable", and the law would appear to agree.

"Urinating in public is an offence covered by section 32 of the Summary Offences Act," a police spokesperson told Newshub.

"A person may be fined up to $200, however there is a defence if the defendant proves that they had reasonable grounds for believing that they would not be observed - it doesn't sound like this was the case in this instance though."

As of Sunday night however, no one had filed a complaint.

According to one witness, the smell "stunk out the bus" and passengers were forced to walk through a stream of urine as they disembarked.

Public Transport Users Association national coordinator Jon Reeves called it "pretty disgusting" and "possibly due to a lot of alcohol".

Six60 on Saturday night became the first Kiwi band to headline a sold-out show at the massive Auckland venue, which fits 50,000 people.