'Not acceptable': Auckland Transport slams woman filmed urinating on bus to Six60 concert

UPDATE: Six60 fan who urinated on a bus faces $200 fine

Auckland Transport is condemning the behaviour of a woman who was filmed urinating on a bus on the way to see Six60.

The woman, believed to have been drunk, has been causing streams of outrage after she was apparently caught short on the way to Western Springs on Saturday night.

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In a "disgusting" video shared on Facebook by Alcar Meano, she decides to squat in the doorway and do her business in the full view of other passengers, while displaying her behind to pedestrians outside the bus.

Afterwards, she stands in the pool of urine and attempts to pull her pants up, exposing herself to the audible consternation of onlookers and her friends.

"I had to!" she exclaims. "Sorry everyone."

According to one witness, the smell "stunk out the bus" and passengers were forced to walk through a stream of urine as they disembarked.

The woman in action.
The woman in action. Photo credit: Alcar Meano / Facebook

Auckland Transport has condemned the woman's behaviour as "not acceptable".

"This is not what the bus is for, this is not acceptable behaviour on a bus," media relations manager Mark Hannan told Newshub.

"This says more about her than anyone."

It's also drawn an angry reaction from commenters on social media, who called the woman's actions "rank" and "foul".

Public Transport Users Association national coordinator Jon Reeves calls it "pretty disgusting" and "possibly due to a lot of alcohol".

"Obviously you treat the bus like you treat your own private car," he told Newshub.

"Clearly you have got to have respect, and maybe some self-respect would be good too."

Police have been contacted for comment.