Christchurch mosque shooting: Stressed police officers 'screaming' at people to get out

Stressed police officers are ordering people to stay away from Hagley Park, after a shooting was reported at a nearby mosque.

It's not known how many people were injured in the shooting but a witness told Newshub they heard 29 shots fired.

It's also not known whether the shooter is still on the loose, but police aren't taking any chances.

Deans Rd in Christchurch, the main road accessing Hagley Park, has been cordoned off by police officers. The interior, private road in Hagley Park is also blocked.

Newshub's Thomas Mead says police have told people to "get out".

"People have been trying to walk up the park to see what's been happening and they've been told in no uncertain terms, to get out," he said during a breaking live report on Newshub.

"Screaming at them, move as quickly as you possibly can. They look agitated, they look stressed."

It's believed a second shooting has occurred at a mosque in Linwood.

All Christchurch schools have been put into urgent lockdown.