Christchurch mosque terror attack: Young Syrian refugees among the victims

Friday marks eight years of war in Syria. But for some of those who fled, they haven't been able to leave the horror behind.

Several Syrian refugees are among the victims of the Christchurch mosque terror attacks, which killed 49 people and injured many others, Newshub can confirm.

Some of those fighting for their lives in hospital are only children.

Ali Akil from Syrian Solidarity New Zealand told Newshub one refugee family has been left without a father due to the mass shootings; and a mother, without her husband.

Syrian Solidarity New Zealand's Ali Akil.
Syrian Solidarity New Zealand's Ali Akil. Photo credit: Newshub.

"It is deeply saddening that these refugees have come all the way from Syria to New Zealand, thinking that it was a safe haven," he said.

"They escaped death and torture in Syria, to come to New Zealand, and be killed here."

Akil wasn't able to confirm how many of the victims were refugees, however one family has been struck particularly hard.

"One of the children is missing and the other child is in the hospital in a serious condition," he said.

"It's very clear that this terrorist has an agenda against... immigrants and people of immigrant backgrounds."

Akil never thought anything like this could happen in New Zealand. He said he's been left "beyond belief".

Instead of finding a safe home, the families have been ripped apart in the country's worst ever terror attack.