Christchurch terror attack: Camouflage wearer seeking compensation over arrest - report

A Christchurch man claims he was wrongfully arrested during the ongoing police response to the terror attacks in Christchurch.

Stephen Millar told NZME he was arrested while trying to pick up his 13-year-old brother in law from Papanui High School on Friday afternoon.

Millar said he had no weapons on him, but was wearing camouflage when the incident took place. He claims he wears it every day.

"They have given me a verbal warning for stupidity and the only thing they could say was [that it was] disorderly behaviour.

"I still don't understand how I was doing disorderly behaviour for wearing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time."

He claims he will be seeking compensation for the incident.

A police spokesperson told Newshub the situation on Friday afternoon was incredibly serious.

"Our response yesterday was in the early stages and we were obviously looking closely to build a picture of any of the individuals involved and all of their activities prior to this horrific event.   This was a fluid, fast, live and evolving situation.

"Police were responding to a multitude of reports potentially related to the unfolding situation.

"There is no guarantee the risk is limited to Canterbury and we need all New Zealanders to be extra vigilant."

Forty-nine people were killed in the attack, which focused on mosques on Linwood Ave and Deans Ave in Christchurch.

A further 42 are injured in hospital and two are in critical condition, including one child who has been transferred to Starship.