Christchurch terror attack: Schools, businesses to open as normal

Schools and most businesses in Christchurch are expected to open as usual on Monday, bringing some sense of normalcy to the city.

Shane Buckner from the Canterbury Primary Principals' Association told Newshub schools want to get back to normal as soon as possible.

"This obviously means that routines are really, really important to our children. We want to make sure we talk about how we were and how we were safe at school."

Pupils will be given support as they deal with the aftermath of the mass shootings, and Buckner says they are well-prepared.

"We're very fortunate to be here in Canterbury, we've had, obviously, processes in place for a wee while now and just recently we've had the [mental health support programme] Mana Ake teams involved.

"We've just been going through parents and actually giving them those helpful tips and advice that we're getting from the ministry, from the parenting place... several places."

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Canterbury Chamber of Commerce CEO Leeann Watson says priorities will shift as far as businesses are concerned.

"Businesses are not going to be thinking about what their contractual obligations are, they're going to be thinking about how to best work and support their people through a really difficult situation," she told Newshub.

She understands most businesses will operate as if it's a normal Monday, as will all of the council's public facilities, which - like school pupils - could benefit Cantabrians.

"Often people are looking for ways to actually contribute, looking for ways to actually support and sometimes actually getting back into a normal routine can be very helpful."

Watson is confident businesses will show compassion to staff as they head back to work where people's well-being will be the priority.

"That will be the first response that businesses generally will be providing tomorrow… to stay open with their staff to actually talk through some of those experiences and actually to identify what sort of support they might need."

A number of roads remain closed in Christchurch and motorists are advised to allow extra time for travel.