Christchurch terror attack: Sheikh says widows will need ongoing help

A sheikh helping support the families affected by the Christchurch terror attack says the widows involved will need ongoing support.

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Fifty people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Deans Ave and Linwood Ave mosques on Friday, March 15. Most of the dead are men, many of them the sole earner for their family.

"They are devastated and they really miss their loved ones and I really feel that they require lots of help at this stage for someone to be with them," Amjad Ali told The AM Show on Friday.

"Especially those families where one or two or three members of the family have passed away, and there are ladies who have got no husband and... they need help for them to be able to carry on their life in future."

Funerals for the dead began on Wednesday, and Amjad said a large one will be taking place later on Friday.

"I'm aware of close to 20 to 25 are already waiting, bodies have been washed, and now they'll be buried most likely today after the Jumu'ah prayer around 4pm this afternoon."


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