Christchurch terror attack: 'This is New Zealand' - Muslim woman reflects on past racist attacks

Islamic Women's Council spokesperson Anjam Rahman says her mosque in Hamilton has faced racist attacks multiple times since it was in the construction stage.

Fifty people were killed when a gunman opened fire in the mosques at Deans Ave and Linwood Ave in Christchurch on Friday.

Rahman told The AM Show the community has faced racism before, and people snuck onto the worksite while her mosque was being built to carve swastikas into the GIB board.

Members of the community also found beer spread around the facility and bottles left on the site. Alcohol is forbidden in the Muslim community.

Once the mosque was completed, the attacks got violent.

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"Since the mosque has been built we had someone throw a brick through the window in front of where the men were praying, luckily they didn't throw far enough and hard enough to hit anyone.

"We've had to put covers on the windows because people driving by will throw items at the windows, we've had to put a security fence around the building," she says.

"So yeah. This is New Zealand."

But Rahman said attacks, especially Friday's one, aren't going to stop the community from worshipping.

"We're not going to let this horrific attack to [stop] us, we will be at our mosques, we will be in our communities, we know the level of love and support and community around us.

"We know people are with us and we take strength from that. We thank everyone who's come to a mosque or come to a vigil to show solidarity and support."