Duncan Garner: Climate strike just a day off school

OPINION: Students are right now preparing for their big day off tomorrow, probably by sleeping in.

Yes, it's the strike for the climate - an international movement. How trendy. 

And I bet principals really want to say no, but they feel if they do, they risk looking like a dinosaur. 

So what? School is sitting down and learning, not standing up in the streets with your comrades. 

Some schools will march, some students will march, and some won't. 

For some it'll be genuine but for many others it's the coat tail march. Otherwise known as 'woohoo, it's Friday, like I'm coming too'.

Why don't you just do it on Saturday? Use your personal time, your free time, your "me" time. Watch them bail, watch them flee. I think this march sets a dangerous precedent.

Will these students march against domestic violence, mining, child abuse, soft drinks, sugar over the coming months? Why not? The door is now ajar. I wonder if we should have said NO to them on this, and given them tough love.

No you can't go, get back to school.

I mean is there anything this generation misses out on? Corporal punishment.

This generation is the most informed generation ever. With all the devices and apps you can poke a stick at.

Yet it's the one that I believe is the most self-important and entitled, and this march will achieve diddly squat. 

It's a day off. I think they should march for families against domestic violence and child abuse. They should go on that hikoi.

We're killing our kids at an alarming rate - a 22-year-old man is in court today in Kaitaia. Go and protest outside court for families to step up and stop this senseless killing of our precious children.

Climate change is happening and is an important issue. But so are so many other important causes. This is not one day off. We - especially the teachers - have empowered the kids to plan their next strike, and the one after that. Us adults are to blame, we let them.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.