Family of Kiwi man slain in Melbourne, Ben Togiai, forgive son's killers

The family of a Kiwi man shot dead in Melbourne say they hope it's a message to others not to resort to violence with guns.

Ben Togiai is one of five people shot dead in the city in the past five days. Two of three suspects have been arrested - and incredibly, his family is prepared to forgive.

With a flash and a crack four sharp shots instantly changed so many lives. Thirty-three-year-old Kiwi Ben Togiai was gunned down in Melbourne a week ago.

His three-year-old daughter's lost her father and his mother Ruth Togiai - who's battling cancer - has forever lost a son.

"She'll never have her daddy there to take her to school on her first time," Ms Togiai says.

"She'll never have her daddy to run around the house playing hide-and-go-seek, like they did, rolling around on the carpet, tickling each other, playing. My grand-daughter won't have that."

Mr Togiai went out on a Friday evening to watching boxing with workmates and never came home. He was caught in the crossfire of a gangland dispute, a fight in which he was never involved.

"Our son didn't deserve this," Ms Togiai says.

Two of three suspects were caught this weekend and at least one more remains on the run. But his family are somehow graciously prepared to forgive.

"I'm so glad these boys have not been killed by anybody, that no one's tried to retaliate," Ms Togiai says.

"To me, I forgive them and forget, I follow what Jesus Christ said," Ben's father Faatau Togiai says.

After so many shootings the public is unsure if the streets are safe.

"It's happening everywhere, couple of days ago it was at the boxing, now it's here. So basically, is it really safe to be out on your own walking around the streets?" one Melbourne Resident asks.

For that, the Tongiais have a simple answer.

"If anybody learns anything from this - please learn, don't use guns," Ms Togiai says.

A message they hope will ring loud in Melbourne above the gunshots which took their son.