'Kiwi Jihadi' Mark Taylor could face legal action in New Zealand - Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says so-called 'Kiwi Jihadist' Mark Taylor could face legal action if he manages to make his way back into New Zealand.

"It is unlawful to join and fight for a terrorist organisation, such as Mark Taylor has done," she said in her post-Cabinet new conference on Monday afternoon.

"His actions in joining ISIS and travelling to Syria to fight for them has created the potential for legal ramifications in New Zealand."

Ms Ardern says it was made clear New Zealand has no consulate in Syria, and therefore Taylor cannot be helped.

"The advice has been clear for any individual considering travelling to Syria: do not travel to Syria because we cannot help you," she said.

If Taylor wanted to return to New Zealand, he would need to travel to a country in which New Zealand has a consulate - most likely Turkey.

However, Ms Ardern says New Zealand is not obligated to fund his return.

New Zealand terrorism expert Dr Paul Buchanan says Taylor is in an unenviable situation after apparently handing himself over to Kurdish officials.

Dr Buchanan says the New Zealander has dug himself a hole that it'll be hard for him to get out of.

"He left this country voluntarily to join the wrong side in a global fight. He chose the wrong side and has now apparently either given himself up or been captured."

He said Taylor would likely face terrorism charges if he was to return home - a hypothesis that has now been confirmed by Ms Ardern.

"If he's in a Turkish jail and the Turks would like to get rid of him then New Zealand would have to assume some responsibility for him.

"Under normal circumstances he would be brought back home and more than likely face some sort of terrorism charge. He's been on video claiming that he's a Jihadist, that he went to fight for ISIS."

A spokesperson for the Department of Internal Affairs told Newshub that Taylor is still a New Zealand citizen by birth right.

"Mr Taylor is a New Zealand citizen abroad and, as the Department understands it, he has no current valid issue New Zealand passport or travel document," a spokesperson said.

"The Department is aware of allegations of his previous passport having been deliberately destroyed."

If Taylor decided to attempt to return home, he may find it difficult.

"Any application from Mr Taylor to renew any travel document would be carefully considered, given his circumstances."