'Kiwi Jihadi' Mark Taylor wants to start medicinal marijuana business in New Zealand - journalist

A journalist says 'Kiwi Jihadi' Mark Taylor wants to set up a medicinal marijuana business if he makes it back to New Zealand.

Taylor, who left New Zealand to join Islamic State (IS) in Syria five years ago and is now in a Kurdish prison, spoke to Kiwi journalist Campbell MacDiarmid about his hopes the Government will help bring him home.

Mr MacDiarmid said on Twitter Taylor seemed unable to comprehend the magnitude of the situation he has gotten himself into.

He also told Mr MacDiarmid he wants to set up a medicinal cannabis company if he makes it back to New Zealand.

A smattering of companies have been given Ministry of Health licences to grow cannabis and carry out research on the product.

It is an offence in New Zealand to participate in or support any designated terrorist entity, including IS.

Mr MacDiarmid said Taylor complained of feeling "stabbed in the back" by the New Zealand Government, which has refused to help him.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show on Tuesday she has no wish to bring him back.

"Engaging in these kinds of acts [with IS] obviously have consequences and repercussions, including our inability to assist anyone who happens to find themselves in Syria and in detention.

"We do not have people in [Syria], we cannot offer consular assistance and the warnings were very clear."


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