New Zealand could be hit by tropical cyclones over the next week

New Zealand could be hit by tropical cyclones over the next week
Photo credit: Newshub

Tropical cyclones are likely to form north of New Zealand over the next ten days, bringing the potential for severe weather closer to the country, a forecaster says.

Storms are likely to develop around the Solomon Sea, Coral Sea and the Pacific between New Zealand and Fiji.

The threat of a cyclone hitting New Zealand is currently at around 25 percent, according to WeatherWatch head forecaster Philip Duncan.

"The biggest of the storms looks to be the one furthest from New Zealand," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Data we trust from various global computer models suggest this one has 'severe' potential being in such ideal conditions. The lows that may form closer to New Zealand look significantly weaker but still have the potential for some severe weather," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Mr Duncan says severe weather could be helpful for parts of New Zealand that have experienced a long, dry summer.

The forecast is not set in stone, with WeatherWatch hoping to have more detail on the potential storms on Thursday.

High pressure has stopped the last three tropical cyclones before they reached New Zealand - although a crack in this high pressure let torrential rain slam parts of the country last week, so it's possible a storm could slip through.

March is the peak of the South Pacific Cyclone Season - it's common to see storms in New Zealand throughout March, April and sometimes May.