'Not appropriate': Auckland Transport unhappy at Christchurch tribute train graffiti

Auckland Transport is unhappy after a tribute to the Christchurch terror attack victims was spray-painted on its train.

Following the mosque shootings, some grieving Kiwis have got out their spray-cans and left messages on both walls and public transport.

"For the victims of Chch," one person sprayed on the side of the train.

But Auckland Transport spokesperson Mark Hannan told Newshub the graffiti is unappreciated.

"The train was targeted at Morningside on Saturday night," he told Newshub.

"This was done without permission and while we all feel the horror of the recent events, the side of a train is not an appropriate place for this."

A photo of the graffiti has been posted to Reddit where it's received mixed reactions, with one person saying it "shouldn't really be there".

"You don't get to vandalise other people's things just because it's a nice message," another said.

"I don't care how virtuous your intent, you don't graffiti on property that isn't yours without permission," was another message.

A photo of the graffiti on the train.
A photo of the graffiti on the train. Photo credit: ryan-a / Reddit

It comes after Wellington City Council was criticised for removing graffiti showing support for Muslims.

Messages reading 'Stand together NZ, our people murdered' and 'love to all Muslims' were painted over by the council's graffiti crews.

"It's just heartbreaking really that these messages which are for support and solidarity and love are disappearing," resident Bea Wooding told Newsie.

Mayor Justin Lester has told the contractors that from now on, the graffiti is to be left alone.

"What we've done is we've said to them 'look our policy is zero tolerance on graffiti, but actually given the situation and the times that we're in please go easy on this and don't do that for the foreseeable future'," he told Newsie.

"If someone's putting up messages that are vandalism or if they're hate messages or contain swearing, for example, we won't tolerate that. But we will tolerate messages of support being expressed in a positive way."


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