Police carry out one of NZ's largest security operations for Christchurch remembrance ceremony

To ensure the safety of everyone at Christchurch's remembrance ceremony, one of the largest security operations in New Zealand's history was carried out.

Three hundred armed police officers as well as defence force and other agencies all piled into Hagley Park on foot, by car, and even by bike with the job to keep the crown safe.

Specialist police staff from Australia were also brought over and sworn in under urgency ahead of Friday's event.

"Big commitment to making sure people feel safe to come here," said Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

From checking underneath every single chair and looking up every tree, officers even checked the park's irrigation system as sniffer dogs swept the area.

"There's a lot going on behind the scenes as you can imagine that I won't go into but people can be assured every phase of security operations is being conducted here today," Bush said.

When the service got underway the police eagle helicopter hovered overhead as it has every day since the shootings, while high up a police sharp shooter on binoculars kept a close watch.

Outside the ceremony, security was equally as tight, every major road blocked off by buses to stop rogue vehicles getting close.

It was peace of mind for those who came to grieve, mourn, and remember an event the city will never forget.


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