Reporting online extreme views will help get perpetrators on the database

Reporting racism and extreme views is the best way to get extremists on the security agency database, a former counter-terrorism officer says.

"It's not about dobbing in, it's about reporting all intel and allowing professionals to triage that intel," John Borland told The AM Show.

"It can be anything, it can be any sort of violence or anything that you - from a personal perspective - see as a threat, and you report that," Borland says.

According to Netsafe, racist comments or content online that is not directed at an individual should be reported to the platform that it's on. Content that indicates that a person/people are in danger or that a crime is being committed should be reported to the Police immediately by calling 111.

Under the Harmful Digital Communications Act, individuals who are being targeted with racist abuse online can get free and confidential support from Netsafe.

To make a report visit, call 0508 NETSAFE or email

Security expert Paul Buchanan told The AM Show that we have to start looking at people in our community more closely.

"We have enablers, accomplices and perpetrators. It's the vast pool of enablers who sit silently in front of people who are ranting and raving and I think [this is the] pool that allows for these people to perpetrate these acts."

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Buchanan pointed to a demographic of "angry young men", with limited economic opportunity and lower levels of education who are frustrated with their conditions in life.

"Something can trigger them," Buchanan said.

Online content related to the Christchurch attacks that is against the law can be reported to Netsafe. The report needs to include a URL link to the online content and a brief explanation of what the content is to assist our helpline is triaging the report.