Scarves in Solidarity urges Kiwis to wear scarves on Friday

The organiser of "Scarves in Solidarity" urges Kiwis, especially women, to wear a scarf this Friday and stand with the Muslim community.

Anna Thomas is one of the organisers of the nationwide event, which has garnered hundreds of comments of support online.

She told Magic Talk's Sean Plunket the event was to show Muslims in New Zealand they are not alone.

"I just thought why don't we all wear a scarf on Friday, a week on from this tragedy and walk alongside our Muslim sisters as a mark of respect."

The idea has also been criticised by some, who say it may be promoting a dangerous cultural appropriation, but Thomas says she is in touch with Islamic Women's Council member Nasreen Hannif, who is onboard with the idea.

"They're all really moved by the gesture and it shows New Zealand is with us in our grief," Hannif told Thomas.

"Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. Scarf day would be one of the best days of showing solidarity."

Thomas says she has spoken to many Muslim women who fear racial abuse when they are in public because of their hijab.

She says for women of all religions and races to come together on Friday will show that we are all standing up against this.

"Women especially who wear the hijab are fairly regularly fearful when they go out in the streets and what a better way to show support and walk alongside them than to wear one."

Events can be found on Facebook under "Scarves of Solidarity" and people are being urged to use the hashtags #scarvesinsolidarity #weareone #theyareus to support the National Scarf Day on Friday.

Comments on the event page say that this day is not solely for women, men are being encouraged to wear a scarf over their shoulders or in another way to join the cause.